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What’s the minimum monthly kitchen program?

Based on our operational costs of the kitchen, our minimum monthly membership costs $250 per month and includes 10 hours of production and cleaning time.

Can I have a gluten free certified product or organic certified product?

As of winter 2018 we do not designate any of our kitchens to be wholly organic or gluten free, however, depending on your production process, several of our members undergo certification audits to receive these labels. This entails a more strict cleaning regime and your own investment in the certification process. We can discuss this more upon request. We recommend you comply with federal labeling requirements that state the product is processed in a facility that also processes all eight of the major allergens (wheat, milk (dairy), egg, tree nuts, peanuts, soy, crustaceans, & fish).

If I want to take time off or hold my membership seasonally?

We definitely understand that some businesses are only in operation during peak seasons. So that we can operate our business year round, we require a 30 day notice to cancel or downgrade any contract and ask for a new 6 month contract when you return. Unless you continue to pay for your storage during your absence, we cannot guarantee the storage or scheduling you had will be available when you start back - though we do try to make it work as best we can.

Do you have free parking?

Yes! All of our locations have their own parking restrictions but we are lucky to have access to areas for loading and unloading. At several locations we have options for you to purchase electric hook-up food truck parking permanently. Please ask us about our rates.

What are your hours?

Once you receive an orientation, all our members have access to their kitchen location at any time, 24 hours a day. Hourly members are able to see the current calendar and book their own times, however fixed or set shift members have priority and recurring set schedules that are first come- first served. In general if no one is using the kitchen, you can jump in and get to work!

Are you an FDA registered facility?

We are registered to hold and store food but not for your own production. We maintain our kitchens to federal Good Manufacturing Practices so you do no have to (pest control, building construction, etc). However, if you are manufacturing a product for wholesale or retail you are responsible for your supply chain, recall, allergen and other programs and are required to register as your own facility. Members are given their own Suite number to use during this registration so you can do so and we provide assistance in this process for a small fee.

How do I learn more about my type of product & get more involved in the food community?

We are lucky to be in a golden era of innovation and support in Boulder for food entrepreneurs! One great organization who is gathering and growing all this momentum is Naturally Boulder! We highly encourage you to get involved at their events and make connections. We also love Slow Food Denver - they offer great opportunity for those of you using rare or heritage ingredients or culturally significant foods that are part of your own identity. Don’t be afraid to do and online search to find businesses who are doing what you are doing in similar markets nationally. Reach out for a quick 10 minute phone call, at the end if you think they could be useful,  offer to pay them for some time to tell you how they established themselves and made connections. Or, find a business here that you admire and see if you can do the same to see how they did it. You never know if something similar might work for you!

This is all overwhelming. Do you provide business assistance to your members?

Yes! A lot of times this happens during the first few meetings, where we give you feedback naturally as it comes up in discussing your business plan. However, we’re not the only ones who can help. We also recommend you reach out to the Boulder Small Business Administration (located in the Central Boulder Library) who can be of assistance!