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Becoming A Member

Contact Us
& Finalize Your Contract


Email us to discuss your ideal schedule, equipment, & storage (you can always add on more, and even scale back with 30 days notice)

We’ll send you a contract listing what we settle as a good start and you can sign electronically - it's easy!

Get Insurance
& Take Food Safety Training


Feeding people can be risky so you’ll be happy you did if anything ever happens and we require it anyway. Other members seem to like Hartford Insurance and FLIP.

if you don’t already have a Food Manager’s Certificate, take this basic course on food safety, you’ll learn home cooking is different than commercial cooking and why good food safety practices protect you and others. 

Boulder County Public Health has a list of what training they will accept HERE. 

Pay Your Deposit
& Take An Orientation


Once we set your starter contract rate, we require one month’s deposit. We hold this amount until the end of your contract. 

Your first month’s rent and fees are issued electronically and can be paid online on our convenient member management website by the 1st of each month. (All members get a link once a contract is signed).

New members are required to take an hour long training to learn each location's rules and regulations. We recommend you bring your employees for this training as well. 

How to get started with your business


Beyond The Kitchen
(This Page Still Under Construction)

We like to think we make it as easy as possible to get your business going. Here’s a brief view of what to expect as you become a member. Remember - you will also have County, State, and Federal requirements that go along with starting a business. (See Below)

Start here: Boulder County's Guide To Starting A Food Business

Registering Your Business

There are many types of licenses that you'll need, the first are tax and business licenses. You may need to register federally as well if you are selling across state lines.

  • Visit here for: Sales Tax License For Boulder
  • Visit here for: Sales Tax License for Colorado
  • Visit here for: Business License (in Boulder this is same as Sales Tax License)

Type of Food Business Licenses

Depending on what you make, you may need one or several of the following:

  • Retail Food Handler License (if you are selling mostly to your direct customers)
  • Wholesale Food Manufacturer License (if you are selling mostly to another business who will resell your product. FDA registration is required for this and we can help!)
  • Retail Food Establishment License (if you are planning on selling as a caterer or at farmers markets, etc)
  • Food Truck License
  • Mobile Food Business License

Product Food Safety Certifications

Certain wholesale or retail (not caterer or food trucks) products will require special food safety and handling training or certification. 

As of September 2018 all Wholesale or Retail Food Manufacturers must also register with the FDA. We offer to help our members understand requirement for a small fee.

These generally include canned items (salsa), juices (Juice HACCP), Sushi or Fish (Seafood HACCP). Ask us if you have any questions.

Other Helpful Links

Sometimes it helps to be pointed in a useful direction!

Still stumped?

A great benefit of our members is the unplanned for connection with one another to recommend bookkeeping software, accountants, repairman, etc. Let us know what you're looking for and we might be able to help!